A MONSTER BY ANY OTHER NAME is a series about trauma recovery, not just trauma. However, Book 1 (FREAK CAMP) is the part of the story when the trauma takes place. 

Readers may choose instead to start with Book 2, which is written as an entry point to the series. Book 2 and the rest of the series do not contain any of the graphic content described below, though there are references to those past events.

Scenes in Book 1 include child abuse, sexual assault, torture, brainwashing, and institutional dehumanization. There is also reference to past domestic violence that caused a miscarriage.

Please note: None of these dark scenes are written for entertainment, but rather as the framework for a journey of love, healing, and recovery. 

A “happily ever after”/”happy for now” is guaranteed at the end of every book and the series as a whole.

Specifically, this is a hurt/comfort story to the max: for every ounce of hurt, there will be a pound of comfort down the line.

Nevertheless, Book 1 is absolutely not for everyone. I would urge anyone to stop reading if the content becomes too much for you. (Or—this is a slightly spoilery tip—try skipping to Chapter 13.)

As with all entertainment, please put your mental health first, always!