Once a monster enters Freak Camp, they never leave. Survival depends on sticking to the rules, and Tobias knows them like he knows the scars on his skin. When Jake, heir of the most powerful family of monster hunters in the country, meets Tobias, his rock-solid understanding of the world begins to crumble.

Tobias and the government know the world is safer with freaks like him locked inside the iron-reinforced walls, and he’d rather die here than contaminate something as good as Jake. But Jake won't let that stop him from saving Tobias. He insists that Tobias doesn't belong in the monster prison at all. Tobias doesn't know which of them is wrong—or what happens if he dares to trust Jake.

Freak Camp is the first book in A Monster By Any Other Name, a series of LGBT dystopia romance for mature readers. It deals with themes including physical abuse, sexual assault, brainwashing and institutional dehumanization, trauma recovery, and what America does when it’s scared.

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